Obesity Facts: Good or Bad

Obesity facts could be one of the world's discourses of health information that could help me, give it a proper understanding to acquire a healthy body as well. Some things should be
understood by people associated with obesity. In addition, in the community often
misunderstandings about obesity facts mixed with myths. This should be studied further so that
more people can get proper treatment and prevention associated with obesity.

In society, there is an understanding that if someone has a high body mass index he should lose
the difference. This is not entirely correct. Based on the obesity facts, body mass index is the
first step to determine whether a person has excess body weight or not. There are some
classifications based on BMI that is thin, normal, overweight, and obesity. However, the BMI
does not take into account bone structure and water content in the body. So according to
obesity facts, not everyone who entered in the classification of obesity, she was obese.

In addition, there is also a myth that says that the extra weight is a bad thing. Whereas in
obesity facts that is very opposite. Extra weight is bad for your health, but several studies could
show that for people who belong in obesity based on BMI could have value survive high after
experiencing surgery or heart attack. The other obesity facts also found that those who are
overweight will have experienced the smaller risk of death compared with those who had
normal weight with the same age.

Obesity facts also show that weight loss by way of a strict diet is not a good thing for the
body. This is caused by a hard diet then this could force the work of the heart, disturb the
metabolism, and lead to kidney stones. In addition, this could strengthen the obesity facts that
to lose weight that is needed is a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Slender body shape will certainly make someone look good and interesting. However, based on
obesity facts, those who have a skinny body are not necessarily healthier than their more fat.
Skinny people who still have the possibility to bring the unhealthy fats in the body. In addition,
this can lead to heart disease, cancer, and diabetes type 2. Obesity facts indicate that the views
of svelte person is healthy is not entirely correct.

By knowing, the various obesity facts, people can change the view that excess weight is not
always bad and has a slim body is always healthy. In addition, with obesity facts are there,
more people may be more to maintain a healthy body.

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