Lower Side Effect of Diet to Gain Ideal Weight

Are you trying to lose your weight to welcome special day? And have you find the right way to do your diet program? I am sure you want to looks good so that you will have great confidence when you meet you friends and companies. You dream to have sexy body by lower your weigh but don’t you know that if you don’t do the right way, you will get side effect diet? This side effect diet will disturb your body to do their duties inside.

Perhaps you have found diet program but you don’t feel good after all. Your body got headache and ulcer because you don’t get enough calories to support your daily activities. Those are one of side effect diet because you are careless. Doing diet program without knowledge. Or probably, you have tried so many ways such as consume pill to lose weight. They guaranteed that you will lose 6 kg in 2 weeks or 10 kg in a month. You fasting everyday so that you will feel hungry and got dehydration. Or doing fitness in the gym center but after that, you eat your favorite foods without control. Counting calories intake. Your weight will go up and down if you don’t discipline to undergo your diet program. Do you believe that?

If you feel so, you must know that there are side effect diet when you don’t do the right diet program because you body need nutrition to do their job. Most of people choose healthy and natural diet to reduce side effect diet and provide equal portion between protein to adjust hunger and carbohydrate input to give enough calories and vitamin that will make you stay healthy to lose weight without feeling hungry and stay fit.

There are many side effect diet when you go wrong program diet, such as :depression, prolonged hunger, fatigue, reduced sex drive, irritability, fainting, sinus problems or post-nasal drip, rashes, bloodshot eyes, , acidosis, gallbladder disease, seizures, malnutrition, possibly leading to death, constipation, due to lack of food-intake, dehydration, due to lack of fluid-intake, lowered metabolism, if food intake is inadequate to the level of exercise, causing future attempts at weight loss to become more difficult, risk of developing eating disorders, especially anorexia nervosa or bulimia nervosa , even if initial intentions of dieting were health-wise, subsequent weight re-gain.

After you know that side effect diet, you should change your program to prevent serious problem of your health. Mean you must try new healthy diet to lose weight without medicine or pill, no tight diet and without hunger.

But for the beginning you can try to eat fruit instead of snack and drink drinking water without ice. Slimming body’s program should not forget about healthy itself. Because if you wrong to choose diet program, the side effect diet will come to you and your body will react.

There are many things you must consider before you do your diet program and lower side effect diet.

  1. Focus to your goal to make you more motivated.
  2. Change your mind set.
  3. Change your life style to healthy life style.
  4. Adjust your food portions.
  5. Be more creative.
  6. Support from your group.
  7. Avoiding from sweet foods.
  8. Enjoy your food.

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